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Our Round Leather coasters are hand-crafted from high-quality bridle leather and feature a stitched border in the same style we use to manufacture our halters and other tack items. Each set of 4 is complete with a matching leather holder. You can personalize your Round Leather Coasters by having letters stamped onto the coaster! There are two layouts available, vertical and horizontal (pictured). You can choose from two sizes of letters, either 3/4" tall or 1" tall. The letter size you choose will determine how many letters you can fit onto the coaster. We can fit 3 letters of the 1" size and 5 letters of the 1/2" size. This provides a great opportunity to highlight someone's initials or the 1st initial to their last name. Or just first and last initials. Or 3 letter nickname. Or however you would like to personalize within the stated limits! be creative and most of all have fun with it!

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