Foal Alert Testimonials

"The foalert systems allows us to sleep until the mare and foal need us. We arrive in time to assist with the delivery and to begin the foal imprinting. We actually look forward to the foaling season, instead of dreading endless sleepless nights as we did with other systems."
- Tish Quirk, Warmblood Sporthorses, Valley Center, CA

"After having excellent results in using the foalert system in our American Saddlebred horse breeding operation, we began using CalfAlert with our Piedmontese cattle.....I could not be more pleased. Using this system allows us to rest at night without worry."

 - Fred Sarver, Leatherwood Stud, Paris, KY

"Having used the Foalert foaling monitoring system for the last eight years, we simply could not get along without it. Our students enjoy the flexibility it offers, and problem cases such as maiden mares, mares with a history of dystocias and N.I. foals can be attended to quickly."
- Steve Slusher DVM MS, Professor of Equine Reproduction, Oklahoma State University

"The foalert system is a simple concept.... and when used intelligently can really help to monitor the delivery of a foal."
- Tom Riddle DVM, Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, Lexington, KY

"No more sleepless nights! No more fights! In addition to saving one mare and two foals, the foalert system saved our marriage!"
- Robert & Elizabeth Cowden, Cowden Farm Belgians, Cansburg, PA

"The most common comment I hear about the product in my practice is "I love my foalert - what did I ever do without it?"
- Steve Conboy DVM, Lexington, KY,  for Castleton Farms

"The Foalert system has been an efficient, safe and reliable tool... it has saved thousands of marewatch hours for our clients and ourselves and has prevented foaling losses, especially in early mares."
- Douglas Herthel DVM, Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Ctr, Santa Ynez, CA

"The equine veterinary community had waited a long time for an obstetrical device of this quality and reliability. The foalert system completes the cycle of services we should be offering broodmare management."
- Frank Norvell DVM, Equine Veterinary Practitioner, Mt. Orab, OH

"Foalert is the most advanced technological device on the market today for the detection of foaling. when used properly, it is a reliable, durable, and economical system which offers 24 hours around the clock surveillance of mares eminently due to foal."
- Ruel Cowles DVM, Winchester, KY

"Foalert plays an important role during the foaling season at the UVM Morgan Horse Farm. Our students and full time personnel achieve a positive foaling experience which is made less stressful with the assistance of this unique monitoring aid."
- Steve Davis, UVM Morgan Horse Farm, Director, University of Vermont

“Foalert is awesome, the best foaling aid ever. I could not imagine breeding horses without it.”
- Jon Woodring, Lucky Four Miniatures, Advance, NC

“The Foalert system gives me the luxury of sleep and peace of mind. The system is reliable and saves us many exhausting staff hours. We have used it the past five years and I highly recommend it to all of our clients and anyone breeding and foaling mares.”
- Angela Alverez, Varian Arabians, Arroyo Grande, CA

“We have used Foalert for many years, it is the most effective system for foaling mares. I recommend it to all of my clients.”
- Randall Baker, DVM, Lewisburg, TN

“I could not imagine running a breeding program without Foalert. Clients who lease the system are very happy with the results.”
- Jim Nash, DVM, Horner & Nash DVM’s, Canton, GA

“I have foaled out over 150 mares a year for 13 years using Foalert and I swear by its reliability.”
- Marlin Baker, DVM, Alpha Equine Breeding Center, Granbury, TX

“Very helpful for continuous monitoring of periparturient mares during the daytime when farm personnel are busy with other activities.”
- Patrick McCue, DVM, Colorado State University