Trouble Free


Size: 6 oz
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Trouble Free Calming Paste ? Behavior and Calming Support For Horses ? Administer 40 Cc One To Two Times Daily Before and During Events Ingredients: Taurine, inositol, thiamine (b1), alpha-lactalbumin, magnesium sulfate, glycerin, silica gel, soybean oil, coconut oil, natural and artificial flavors.

Your horse’s personality plays a large role in how he or she reacts to everyday life and new situations. Some horses fret and worry when their routine is changed; others are high-strung and spooky no matter what is going on! A horse’s natural flight instinct kicks into high gear when he or she is anxious or scared. Working with or riding a tense, edgy horse is a challenge, and it can be dangerous. Training a nervous horse is next to impossible because the horse is no longer able to pay attention to the job at hand.

While a horse’s personality is part of his genetic makeup, nutrition can also play a role in temperament. Research has shown that horses deficient in the mineral magnesium will show signs of nervousness. B vitamins, B vitamin related substances, and certain amino acids all play a role in proper nerve function. If adequate levels are not supplied, nerve function suffers and horses have a hard time remaining calm and focused. Horses that are constantly upset are also at risk for developing ulcers and other GI tract problems. Supplying a supplement to support relaxation and proper nerve function can greatly improve your horse’s quality of life and your ability to enjoy owning him.

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