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More Specifics: 150-200 ft range
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We do not accept returns of Foalert equipment, if you have questions please call before ordering 859-299-8225.  Foalert is the foremost birth monitoring system available to breeders large and small. It was designed by veterinarians to detect foaling in the equine industry. The foalert system is applicable to a wide variety of breeds and species. Whether you are breeding mares, cows, sheep or llamas, alpacas, or even camels, foalert offers the equipment that allows you to be there to welcome your new baby into the world. The system is extremely reliable and easy to install. The full system is comprised of two basic components, the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter is sutured to just outside the vulva 1-2 weeks prior to the expected delivery date and is activated by the physical separation of the vulva lips during delivery. This separation activates the transmitter. A silent radio signal is sent to the receiver which sounds an audible alarm and activates any accessories. The foalert system was designed to help ensure an attended birth. Although many births are completely normal, there are instances where an attendant at delivery may mean the difference between life and death. Proper use of the system is essential and will allow breeders to sleep peacefully at night with the knowledge that when the time comes, they will be ALERTED!

Package includes:

1 Receiver Box

1 Remote Antenna

1 A/C Power Cord

1 Multi Use Transmitter

1 Extra Magnet

Instruction Manuel


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